Some CPS parents are just getting summer 2022 pandemic food benefit cards now, with no explanation

Originally posted on CBS News.

Dr. Deborah Frank is a professor of child health and wellbeing at Boston University School of Medicine.

“Yes, somebody should be communicating,” Frank said. “So again, the more, though, you can streamline it for everybody, the easier it is.”

Frank said the P-EBT program did wonders for food insecurity during the pandemic. But continuing those benefits well beyond the pandemic will be key.

“The silly thing is, okay, so now we stop it? And what, it’s going to happen next summer. So that that’s my concern,” she said.

The state says that if your card had a balance, it was reloaded. If it didn’t, you should be getting a card in the mail – but the mailing has been irregular.

“It’s confusing, and it’s inequitable,” Frank said.