From 1998-2020, the Children’s HealthWatch survey instrument was administered during waiting periods in exam rooms in the Emergency Department or in Primary Care Clinics. 

From January 2021 onward due to changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the survey has been administered by phone as well as in person in the clinics.  

During the survey, interviewers collect information about demographics, child health and development, caregiver health, housing, household food security, federal assistance program utilization and access, employment, income, financial literacy, oral health care, utilities, child care, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Experiences of Discrimination.

Click the links below to download the Children’s HealthWatch interview templates used for all patient interviews 1998-2020.

Children’s HealthWatch Interview in English

Children’s HealthWatch Interview in Spanish

From January 2021 forward, the format of our survey changed to a modular format, to allow us to cover more topics without overburdening our caregiver participants.  More information coming soon.