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Thousands Wait In Lines At Food Pantries. They Could Be Shopping At Grocery Stores

Originally published on GBH. A growing number of people in Massachusetts are accessing SNAP benefits. Between March and June of last year, households enrolled in SNAP grew by 19% over pre-pandemic rates, according to the Department of Transitional Assistance, which oversees the SNAP program in Massachusetts. Yet, by the DTA’s own estimates, more than 700,000 […]


Children’s HealthWatch Submits a Comment in Opposition to a Proposed Federal Rule That Would Rollback Nutrition Standards of School Meals

On December 23rd, Children HealthWatch submitted a comment in response to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Proposed Rule, “Restoration of Milk, Whole Grains, and Sodium Flexibilities” published in the Federal Register on November 25th. At a time of unprecedented food insecurity rates and health disparities, our nation’s children […]

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A First Look at Preliminary Children’s HealthWatch COVID-19 Survey Data

High Levels of Household Food Insecurity Persist among Families in Boston, Massachusetts during the COVID-19 Pandemic Key Takeaways In Metro Boston, rates of household food insecurity have persisted at high levels among Children’s HealthWatch families. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, preliminary data show 38.5 percent of families with very young children were food insecure. Federal, state, […]


Coronavirus Means School Food is Free. What if it Stayed That Way?

Originally published on Ozy. Worry is an early symptom of what those who monitor hunger refer to as “food insecurity,” a spectrum that begins with a person’s concern that they won’t be able to buy food and extends to reduced or missed meals, or “very low food security” in the USDA parlance. “Food insecurity, it […]


Massachusetts leaders must deliver relief to poor families now

Originally published on The Boston Globe. As people across Massachusetts inch toward the ninth month of their coronavirus experience, it’s often difficult to remember what life was like before it all began. While we continue to face this unprecedented public health crisis, we’re also facing the devastating impact it’s had on our local and national […]


Feeding America warns of shortage of up to EIGHT BILLION meals across the country over next 12 months, which could leave millions of Americans hungry during the pandemic

Originally published on Daily Mail. Megan Sandel, co-director of the Grow Clinic for Children at Boston Medical Center, said that she’s seen low-income parents who usually make ends meet are running out of food by the middle of the month. ‘Now they are running out of their food budget the second or third week of […]


ESTUDIO: Inseguridad alimentaria se duplicó en MA con la pandemia

Originally published on El Planeta. La pandemia ha duplicado el número de personas que padecen inseguridad alimentaria en Massachusetts, particularmente a las familias afroamericanas y latinas, señala un informe de Boston Foundation, Project Bread y Children’s HealthWatch Massachusetts ha tenido tradicionalmente una inseguridad alimentaria más baja que el promedio nacional. Sin embargo, la pandemia hizo […]


The State of Hunger: Before & Since the Pandemic

Originally published on The Boston Foundation. The Boston Foundation, together with Project Bread and Children’s HealthWatch, hosted a forum on food insecurity on October 6, analyzing new research on our region pre- and post-coronavirus, and discussing the issue with those who see it play out in daily life. More than 300 people listened online as […]


U.S. faces shortage of up to 8 billion meals in next 12 months, leading food bank says

Originally published on The Washington Post. Shortfalls in these programs put extra pressure on food banks during the pandemic. And the effects of these deficits are not just short-term, says Megan Sandel, co-director of the Grow Clinic for Children at Boston Medical Center. She says she has seen a 40 percent increase in her caseload, […]

Hunger in America, Especially for Children, Has “Skyrocketed” During COVID-19, Data Shows

Originally published on The Intercept. “What I see every day from the pandemic is amazingly-increased numbers of severely underweight children coming to our clinic, and parents really panicked about how they’re going to find enough food,” says Dr. Megan Sandel, an associate professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. According to CBPP, the […]