Regional Differences in Food Prices Highlight Inadequacy of SNAP Benefits

A new study affirms SNAP’s positive association with better health outcomes, but reveals regional gaps in its value. CONTEXT   |   Food insecurity during childhood jeopardizes children’s long-term mental and physical health. Studies have stressed ties between childhood food insecurity and a range of issues, including lower academic achievement, depressive or anxious symptoms, as well as chronic physical health problems. The Supplemental […]


Podcast: Maureen Black on Lasting Impact of Food Insecurity on Children

It is well known, and has been for many years, how prevalent food insecurity is in the US and elsewhere. People are especially moved when they think of children who are malnourished. Our guest Dr Maureen Black is one of the world’s leading experts on nutrition and its impact on the health and development of […]


New federal report surprises: Philadelphia poverty down, income up

Philadelphia’s poverty rate, a stark and stubborn indicator of hard times that has long hindered the city’s reputation, dropped to its lowest level since 2008 — near the start of the recession. At the same time, median household income here rose. The findings, contained in a voluminous report from the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday, […]


Weighing the Toll of Food Insecurity

Food insecurity isn’t directly tied to obesity among young children from low-income families – but it is linked to poor overall health, a new study indicates. Food-insecure households lack consistent access to enough food for an active and healthy life, and the effects on children can be serious. Previous research indicates food-insecure children may be at greater risk of […]


Food insecurity in toddler years linked to poor health, says new research

TORONTO: Young kids, who grow up in homes with limited access to nutritious foods are more likely to experience poor overall health and developmental problems, says a new study. However, these kids are not at higher risk of developing obesity, the research added. For the findings, published in the journal Pediatrics, the researchers analysed data from […]


Children From Families With Food Insecurity Likely To Suffer From Poor Health: Study

A balanced diet comprising a mix of nutritional foods is important to obtain a healthy body. In the growing up years, it gets even more important to feed the body with foods that help in development and growth of various body parts. Unfortunately, families falling in low-income category are sometimes unable to provide proper nutrition […]


Food insecurity in toddler years linked to poor health, but not obesity

Young children, who grow up in homes with limited access to nutritious foods (known as food insecurity), are more likely to experience poor overall health, hospitalizations, and developmental problems, but they are not at higher risk of developing obesity, a new University of Maryland School of Medicine study finds. The research, published today in the […]


Early childhood food insecurity linked to poor health and development, not obesity

Originally published on 2 Minute Medicine. 1. Young children in food insecure households had higher odds of caregiver-reported fair or poor health and developmental risk, compared with children in food secure households. 2. There was a significant association between food insecurity and obesity in only one age group; otherwise, there were no associations between food […]

Putting a price tag on childhood hunger

It’s hard to put a price tag on hunger, but a new report does just that: $2.4 billion. In 2016, that was the cost in Massachusetts alone for additional healthcare, special education, and lost work time related to food insecurity. This validates what I see regularly as a pediatrician. I’m a street doctor in Austin […]


These are the key actions that successful anti-hunger and health care partnerships all share

Over the past several years, Health care systems and individual providers have increasingly recognized their role in identifying and addressing their patients’ food security needs. Efforts to screen for food insecurity in health care settings and facilitate successful connections to anti-hunger organizations and emergency food providers have increasingly become squarely positioned within systems of health […]