Hunger Vital Sign Explainer Series

Originally posted on Bi-State Primary Care Association.

The Hunger Vital Sign is a screening tool for identifying households at risk of food insecurity. The creation of this tool offers valuable insights into how we can make health-related social risks visible, start conversations with patients, and build community networks to address a range of factors that impact health. The following materials provide a comprehensive introduction to Hunger Vital Sign. They cover the development of the screening tool, the role it plays today in addressing food insecurity, and the potential for future progress integrating food access and health care. We encourage other organizations and states to use this series as a starting point for developing their own resources on implementing screening tools. The main contact for this series is Helen Labun at Bi-State Primary Care Association.

Bi-State Primary Care Association’s Hunger Vital Sign Explainer Series: Nine sections offer short audio conversations, transcripts, and reference materials to walk through different aspects of Hunger Vital Sign and answer common questions.