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Allison Bovell-Ammon Interviewed By WNHN Radio

On August 10th Allison Bovell-Ammon, Director of Policy Strategy at Children’s HealthWatch, and Shailly Gupta Barnes, Policy Director of the Kairos Center and the Poor People’s Campaign, were interviewed by Attitude with Arnie Arnesen in the WNHN Radio.  They discuss the inequality of wealth in the US. Despite proven effective strategies of helping poorer US […]


Hunger Vital Sign Explainer Series

Originally posted on Bi-State Primary Care Association. The Hunger Vital Sign is a screening tool for identifying households at risk of food insecurity. The creation of this tool offers valuable insights into how we can make health-related social risks visible, start conversations with patients, and build community networks to address a range of factors that […]

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White House Pushes to Get Child Tax Credit to Low-Income Households

Originally posted on The National Interest. In an effort to ensure that more low-income families that don’t file taxes can get their hands on the enhanced child tax credit (CTC), the Biden administration is once again directing them to an online portal where they can submit the necessary information to claim the payments. The free […]

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Children’s advocates want universal free school lunches to continue

Originally posted on The Boston Herald. Advocates are calling on state lawmakers to extend free meals at schools, a program that came into place during the pandemic and is even more important now with food insecurity rates even higher than before COVID hit. “One of the hard lessons of the pandemic is that it showed […]

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Mass. is flush with cash, so now what?

Originally posted on The Boston Globe. With record-setting billions in revenue, we should push to provide tax relief for working families Re “Bakers call for tax relief gets some traction in Senate” by Matt Stout (Page A1, May 5): Over the past two years, leadings in many states have increasingly made use of the Earned […]

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Food insecurity rises as families lose child tax credit payments, data shows

Originally posted on NBC News. Children’s HealthWatch also found disparities in who received the money, which came to about $300 a month per child. Food insufficiency among U.S. families with children increased by 12 percent in February after child tax credit payments under a federal Covid-19 relief plan expired, according to new data from Children’s […]

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New study shows impact of child tax credit payments for families

Originally posted on NBC News Now. A new study is showing the effects of the child tax credit and how many parents are struggling after Congress voted not to renew the payments for eligible families. NBC News’ Dasha Burns reports on why West Virginia parents are getting hit the hardest. Find the two studies cited […]

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Podcast: The Earth Disease: Social Determinants of Health and Climate Change

Originally posted on Health Affairs. In the third episode of The Earth Disease, journalist Jared Downing discusses how social determinants of health programs intersect with climate and health policy. Jared produced this series in 2021 as part of the Health Affairs Podcast Fellowship Program. Guests in this episode include Aaron Bernstein from the Harvard T.H. Chan […]

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Too Many Children Are Still Dying Young Around the World

Originally posted on Scientific Inquirer. Strong health and social systems must come together to support all children Preconception, pregnancy, and infant interventions that address child survival and nutrition have a strong influence on weight, height, and development, and serve as key indicators of future health, nutrition, education level, and intelligence quotients – if they are […]

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Safety Net Hospitals: Why BIPOC Wealth Creation is Needed to Achieve Health

Originally posted on Nonprofit Quarterly. Hospitals offer unique windows into society. Their proximity to and interactions with the populations they serve provide insights into health disparities, revealing how lived experiences in disparate environments affect health. Urban safety-net hospitals offer even more unique insights into populations, places, and health. Such hospitals, including the one in which […]