There May Be No Words, But There Are Actions

There May Be No Words, But There Are Actions

At Children’s HealthWatch, we want to acknowledge the depth of grief and anger many have been experiencing in light of recent, violent acts in Uvalde Texas; Buffalo, New York; Dallas, Texas; and Laguna, California. We are equally dismayed about the persistence of violence, hate, racism, and inequality across our nation and their effects on families’ personal health decisions and economic stability. Thoughts and prayers, moments of silence, or inspirational social media posts are but temporary salves for the pain. There are no words in any language that can adequately capture not only the horror at the massive loss of life, but the ensuing frustration, hopelessness, and apathy that often accompany such news. However, those feelings can serve as fuel to engender change on many levels, including a personal level. We must mourn—and we must act. Here are steps you can take today:

  1. CONTACT your legislators on the local, state, and federal levels. Now is the time they need to hear from you on the importance of passing legislation that can rectify much of the trauma and material need we’re seeing, including advancing solutions that address root causes of inequity and violence, such as poverty, racism, and the erosion of social safety net programs and benefits. Let them know you demand change. Hold them accountable. Click here.
  2. VOTE. The 2022 midterms are upon us. Races for elected offices across the country can be decided at times by small margins. The current, active dismantling of voter and other rights across the country in service of upholding racism and discrimination is a threat to our democracy. Voting for leaders who will advance equity and respond with robust policies to our nation’s most pressing issues are critically needed. Your vote truly matters. Exercise your right to cast one. If you’re not already registered, click here to do that.
  3. GET HELP and HELP OTHERS. The last few months have been overwhelming, to say the least, and you might be wondering what resources are available to get you or loved ones through these difficult times. You also may feel inspired to act and support organizations doing great work on the ground to ensure our right to thrive and live in healthy, safe spaces. Below is a list of recommended resources that may assist you with your search.

Click here to support the victims of Buffalo, New York and here for the victims of Uvalde, Texas.

If you want guidance on how to talk to your family or the children in your life about the recent violence:

If you want to learn more about organizations working to end gun violence:

If you need emotional and mental support:

If you are interested in guides and trainings:

If you are seeking anti-racism resources: