Harness the Power of Your Story: How Storytelling Informs Policy

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” – Former U.S. Representative Shirley Chisholm, New York At any level, our elected officials’ fundamental role and responsibility is to reflect and advocate for the values and voices of the people and communities they represent. However, the lack of diversity among […]


There May Be No Words, But There Are Actions

There May Be No Words, But There Are Actions At Children’s HealthWatch, we want to acknowledge the depth of grief and anger many have been experiencing in light of recent, violent acts in Uvalde Texas; Buffalo, New York; Dallas, Texas; and Laguna, California. We are equally dismayed about the persistence of violence, hate, racism, and […]


Food insufficiency in families with children increased after expiration of Child Tax Credit monthly payments

Originally posted on Economic Policy Institute. Amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and increased inflation, 15% of households with children reported food insufficiency in March–April 2022. The reports of food insufficiency—sometimes or often not having enough food to eat in the past week—are from the nationally representative Household Pulse Survey (HPS), an internet survey conducted by the U.S. Census […]


Between a rock and a hard place: Why the US child care system is broken, and how we can start to fix it

“I can’t get a job if I can’t afford day care,” Alex explains to a caseworker while bouncing her two-year-old daughter on her lap. “I need a job to prove that I need day care in order to get a job?” she follows up, as the caseworker explains that an application for a child care […]


Promoting Hope Through Monthly Payments For Children

HOPE Week of Action Blog – March 7-11, 2022 Authors: Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba member of the HOPE National Advisory Board, and Allison Bovell-Ammon Last July, a TikTok trend embodied a moment of pure joy when policy change had a real-world impact on families’ lives. The social media outlet was full of parents dancing and taking a huge […]


Building an Equitable Future for Children and Families: Key Policy Opportunities to Support Children’s Health and Well-Being

Originally posted on the Community Catalyst Blog. It’s been six months since passage of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), and provisions designed to decrease child poverty and increase health coverage and access are making an impact. Families have been able to afford food and basic expenses to keep their children healthy because of the […]


The American Rescue Plan Act, A Critical Opportunity To Improve Child And Family Health

Originally posted on Health Affairs Blog. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides a critical opportunity to improve child and family health and well-being by reducing the poverty and food insecurity that too many families, especially families of color, experience. The ARPA expands the benefits and eligibility of the income support programs, the Child Tax […]


The 23 year marathon

On October 11, 2021, I will take part in the 125th Boston Marathon alongside 20,000 fellow runners. Why am I doing this? The reasons are many, but the one that matters most to me is being able to raise money for the amazing organization I work for, Children’s HealthWatch at Boston Medical Center. I’ve been […]


Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough: We Need to Stop Deluding Ourselves About Racism

This past weekend has seen numerous protests, vigils and calls for action in response to the recent attacks on Asian Americans and immigrants,  including the tragic killings of eight people, six of them Asian women, in three Atlanta spas. While families and friends are mourning the loss of their loved ones, they must also contend with the […]

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The American Rescue Plan: A Prescription for Child Health and Stability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last week the House voted to advance the American Rescue Plan Act sending the COVID-19 Relief package to the Senate. The $1.9 trillion relief package contains policies that seek to address the economic stability and health of people and communities, providing urgently needed resources to pave the way for recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic and the […]