Children’s HealthWatch Submits Written Testimony to the MA Joint Committee on Public Health

On October 7, 2021, Children’s HealthWatch submitted testimony to Chairwoman Comerford, Chairwoman Decker, and distinguished members of the Joint Committee on Public Health in strong support of H.2298/S.1403: An Act relative to establishing a Food and Health Pilot Program.

In the testimony, we highlight that the prevalence of food insecurity across the United States and in Massachusetts remains high, leading to a tailspin of poor health and economic outcomes for the individual, the family, and the state. Additionally, we emphasize that medically tailored nutrition programs lower healthcare costs and improve health. However, more research is needed to expand the evidence-base of effective interventions, particularly in the context of MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations. H.2298/S.14o3 would provide funds for a necessary pilot program to expand research into effective food is medicine interventions while simultaneously improving health outcomes and decreasing costs for food insecure and medically impaired patients.