Children’s HealthWatch Submits Comments to the National Quality Forum for Its Work to Advance Integration of Social Drivers of Health

National Quality Forum (NQF)

Measure Applications Partnership (MAP)

Currently selected 2022 MAP Measures Under Consideration (MUC)

Comments submitted re: MUC2022-053, MUC2022-050, MUC2022-098, and MUC2022-111

On behalf of Children’s HealthWatch, we applaud the National Quality Forum (NQF) for its work to advance integration of social drivers of health. We are grateful for this opportunity to submit comments for Measures Under Consideration (MUC). We support the MUCs: Screening for Social Drivers of Health (MUC2022-053); Screen Positive Rate for Social Drivers of Health (MUC2022-055); Connection to Community Service Provider (MUC2022-098); and Resolution of At Least 1 Health-Related Social Need (MUC2022-111) – especially given HHS’s stated commitment to health equity and CMS’s identification of a key measurement gap focused on “measures that reflect social and economic determinants.” We note that no other patient-level SDOH measures or equity measures for hospital or clinician programs are under consideration in this measurement cycle.