Children’s HealthWatch Submits Comments to the National Quality Forum for Its Work to Advance Integration of Social Drivers of Health

National Quality Forum (NQF) Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) Currently selected 2022 MAP Measures Under Consideration (MUC) Comments submitted re: MUC2022-053, MUC2022-050, MUC2022-098, and MUC2022-111 On behalf of Children’s HealthWatch, we […]

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Podcast: The Earth Disease: Social Determinants of Health and Climate Change

Originally posted on Health Affairs. In the third episode of The Earth Disease, journalist Jared Downing discusses how social determinants of health programs intersect with climate and health policy. Jared […]


The immigrant birthweight paradox in an urban cohort: Role of immigrant enclaves and ambient air pollution

Immigrants are a rapidly growing population in the United States (US). By the year 2065, immigrants and subsequent generations will account for 88% of the country’s growth or ~103 million […]


Can the Hunger Vital Sign™ act as a prescreen for other social needs?

Over the past decade, the health care community has demonstrated growing interest in and commitment to addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and patients’ social needs – the midstream manifestations […]


Letter to the ICD-10-CM Coordination and Maintenance Committee

On November 11, 2021, Children’s HealthWatch submitted a letter to the ICD-10-CM Coordination and Maintenance Committee in support of the Gravity Project Multi-Domain Social Determinants of Health ICD-10-CM Application. Children’s […]


Failure to Thrive or Growth Faltering: Medical, Developmental/Behavioral, Nutritional, and Social Dimensions

Practice Gap Beyond recognizing the medical and nonmedical dimensions that often interact to cause childhood growth faltering and malnutrition, it is important to understand the role of pediatric feeding disorders, […]

Hospitals target nutrition, other social needs to boost health

Tom Shicowich “really, really, really liked Coca-Cola” before he began a new nutrition program targeting his Type 2 diabetes and weight. Being on a “very tight budget,” he couldn’t afford the fruit […]

Social Determinants Across the Life Course: The Need to Invest in Families

On December 5th, 2016, Children’s HealthWatch Principal Investigator, Dr. Megan Sandel, presented at the The Root Cause Coalition’s First Annual National Summit on the Social Determinants of Health on December 5 […]

Defining The Health Care System’s Role In Addressing Social Determinants And Population Health

It is now widely recognized that the health outcomes of populations often are determined more by social factors than by medical care. Much of the most innovative recent work on […]