Written Testimony to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Housing

On August 12th, Children’s HealthWatch submitted testimony in support of H.1434/S.891: “An Act to prevent COVID-19 evictions and foreclosures and promote an equitable housing recovery”.  Currently, the state has an opportunity to prevent evictions and improve the health of young children and their families by enacting H.1434/S.891. This bill – which protects tenants and homeowners – is necessary to prevent eviction, homelessness, and further hardship among families in our communities that already struggle to make ends meet. Supporting the health and development of children and families across our Commonwealth is essential to our state’s current and future prosperity and well-being. Moreover, we believe there is an urgent need to respond to the immediate threat of COVID-19 among low-income families, and strongly urge you to swiftly and favorably report H.1434/S.891out of committee.