Why more renters are being evicted in the middle of the pandemic

Originally published on PBS News Hour.


William Brangham:

What’s pushing many renters over that edge is the economic fallout from the pandemic.

One recent survey found up to a third of all renters weren’t able to pay rent in April. That’s causing housing advocates to warn of what they see as a worst-case scenario, a spike in homelessness right in the middle of the pandemic.

That could expose more people to the virus, if they end up in shelters, where it’s very hard to socially distance.

But Boston Medical Center’s Dr. Megan Sandel says, not having quality, stable housing is also tied to other problems, like food insecurity and increased stress. And that can, in turn, trigger long-term physical and mental health issues.

Megan Sandel:

An affordable home is like a prescription for health. And nothing showed that more than during the epidemic. And so now is the time to double down on stocking that housing prescription.