Children’s HealthWatch founder and Principal Investigator, Dr. Deborah Frank, was featured for her work on the National Commission on Hunger.

National Commission on Hunger heard directly from hungry people

Seeing the faces and hearing the stories of hungry people—from Oakland, Calif., to colonias along the Rio Grande, to Maine—shaped the findings and recommendations the National Commission on Hunger soon will report to Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Deborah Frank from the Boston University School of Medicine, who also serves on the national commission, participated in a dialogue on hunger and health at the summit. Frank, the founder of Children’s Health Watch, emphasized the impact of food insecurity on children’s brain development—as well as the brain functioning of senior adults.

“We need leadership, compassion and common sense,” she said. “It’s all about brains, and brains don’t have ideologies. They have physiologies.”

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