On November 5th, Dr. Megan Sandel, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator, spoke at the Home Matters for Health symposium in San Francisco. Here is an excerpt of Dr. Sandel’s remarks.

Dr. Megan Sandel Connects Home to Health

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Home Matters ® hosted an extraordinary event in San Francisco on Tuesday in partnership with Tenderloin Neighborhood Development.  The half-day symposium – titled “Home Matters for Health” – brought leading national experts together to discuss the crucial connection between Home and health. More than 200 guests attended the event, which took place at the Kelly Cullen Community a new supportive housing facility developed by Tenderloin Neighborhood Development that includes a Department of Public Health-managed health clinic.

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Check out this video to see some of the dynamic discussion that took place – in this case a short excerpt of Dr. Megan Sandel’s remarks that highlights the excruciating choices that parents sometimes have to make when Home impacts health.


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