Children’s Healthwatch’s Testimony In Support Of H.1264: “An Act Relative To Further Provide A Rental Arrearage Program”

On January 14th, Children’s HealthWatch, based at Boston Medical Center, submitted a testimony to Chairman Crighton, Chairman Honan, and members of the Joint Committee on Housing to submit testimony in support of H.1264: “An Act relative to further provide a rental arrearage program”. As a nonpartisan network of pediatricians, public health researchers, and children’s health and policy experts committed to improving children’s health in America, we understand the harmful health and economic consequences of eviction and homelessness.

Being behind on rent or mortgage payments is extremely harmful to families with children. H.1264 would provide necessary assistance to families struggling to afford housing, and thus prevent the harmful health and economic costs associated with eviction and homelessness that may result from rent arrears:

This bill is necessary to prevent eviction, homelessness, and further hardship among families that already struggle to make ends meet. Supporting the health and development of children and families across our Commonwealth is essential to our state’s current and future prosperity and well-being. Decades of research show comprehensive, multi-sector strategies that reduce poverty and hardships are necessary to achieve optimal health outcomes and financial stability. For these reasons, we strongly urge you to swiftly and favorably report this important piece of legislation out of committee.