Children’s HealthWatch’s Public Comment To Oppose DOS’ Interim Final Rule On Visas Ineligibility Based On Public Charge Grounds

On November 11th, Children’s HealthWatch submitted a public comment on the Department of State’s (DOS) interim final rule for “Visas: Ineligibility Based on Public Charge Grounds”. The changes detailed in this rule would effectively only allow the wealthy to be granted visas. Furthermore, the proposed changes to public charge criteria will discriminate against individuals from low-income countries – countries that are disproportionately people of color – because the vast majority of people fall below the proposed 125 percent-of-poverty threshold included as a consideration in the public charge determination. This rule does harm: It will drive up national healthcare and education costs and impair over the longterm our national health, educational achievement, and economic status. Therefore, we strongly oppose any administrative action that would harm the health of children and their families and urge the administration to immediately withdraw this proposal in its entirety.