Children’s HealthWatch Submits a Comment in Opposition of a Proposed Federal Rule That Would Change the Affidavit of Support Policy

On November 11th, Children HealthWatch submitted a comment in response to the proposed rulemaking that would change the Affidavit of Support policy. The proposed change would disregard immigrant sponsors’ incomes and require them to have a joint sponsor if they or a member of their household member have used public benefits – including Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, SSI and TANF – within three years of executing the Affidavit of Support. Under the current policy, sponsors are not required to find a joint sponsor if they or a member of their household participated in benefit programs.

We strongly oppose the proposed changes because it will increase costs, cause fear and confusion, and ultimately deter sponsors from supporting family members’ path to a green card. This proposed policy threatens the health and well-being of families of immigrants, including children, and clashes with our nation’s commitment to supporting family reunification and a path to lawful permanent residency and citizenship.