Children’s HealthWatch founder and Principal Investigator, Dr. Deborah Frank, was featured in a Moyers and Company article on scholars’ reactions to the Census Bureau’s recent poverty data.

Activists and Scholars Respond to the New Poverty Data asked a group of scholars and activists what we need to do to achieve Census numbers that we can truly get excited about. Their responses reveal some of the rigorous research that should inform our priorities and policy choices, and also widespread activism that isn’t waiting on an anti-poverty movement, it’s building one.

Dr. Deborah Frank: How Poverty Affects Children’s Health

To me, a pediatrician for 38 years, I know the 2013 poverty numbers represent names and faces, including the poorest Americans – infants and toddlers and their families. Doctors know that poverty stacks the odds against children in the womb with poor nutrition and high levels of stress hormones, altering the intrauterine environment and leading to early deliveries and low birth weight.

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