Dr. Megan Sandel, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator, spoke on Eden Housing’s Affordable Housing Podcast about the impacts of housing insecurity on children’s health.

A Safe, Decent, Affordable Home is Like a Vaccine

“A safe, decent, affordable home is like a vaccine — it literally keeps children healthy,” says Dr. Megan Sandel, Co-Principal Investigator at Children’s Health Watch; Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Public Health at Boston University Schools for Medicine and Public Health; and Medical Director of the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership. In this month’s episode of the Affordable Housing Podcast, Dr. Sandel joins host Joanne Greene in a lively and informative discussion on the impacts of what Dr. Sandel calls “housing insecurity”– overcrowded conditions, frequent moves, unsafe or unsanitary conditions, and inability to keep up with rents–on the health of children, particularly those between the ages of zero and three.

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