“Let’s make change happen”

A video series highlighting important research and policy issues facing families with young children

Children’s HealthWatch is committed to improving children’s health in America. Every day, in urban hospitals across the country, we collect data on children ages zero to four, many of whom are from families experiencing financial hardship including an inability to afford housing, food, utilities, medical care, prescription medicines, and child care. Over the past 20+ years, we have surveyed more than 70,000 caregivers and consistently found that these hardships are linked with child and family health.

Our video series offers viewers a unique glimpse into the issues we focus on – housing stability, food security, income supports, and social determinants of health – and the solutions we envision for a future where all children and families have equitable opportunities for healthy, successful lives. Over the coming months we will expand on this video series with tangible ways you can take action on these issues with us, because we’re all in this together. Now let’s make change happen.