Taking the Food Stamp Challenge

Invited speaker on the JustLove radio show broadcast on The Catholic Channel by Sirius Satellite Radio

Faces of Food Stamps

Invited to present “Food Stamps as Medicine” report at the Food Stamp Fair for Congressional staffers hosted by FRAC

Reauthorization of Food Stamps

Invited to speak with key staff of the Minnesota Budget Project of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to discuss re-authorization of Food Stamps

Farm Bill Reauthorization

Testimony on the Food Stamp Program, Food Insecurity and Child Health and Well-being to the United States Senate Agriculture Committee.

Farm Bill Reauthorization

United States House of Representatives, Agriculture Committee, Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight, Nutrition and Forestry, Farm Bill Reauthorization Hearing

Farm Bill Reauthorization

Testimony to the United States House of Representatives, Committee on the Budget, Farm Bill Reauthorization Hearing.


Food Stamps As Medicine: A New Perspective on Children’s HealthWatch

The Food Stamp Program is America’s first line of defense against hunger and the foundation of our national nutrition safety network. Physicians and medical researchers also think it is one of America’s best medicines to prevent and treat childhood food insecurity. The report demonstrates the important protective effect of food stamps on child food insecurity and for citizen children of immigrants. Eligible children receiving food stamps are less likely to be food insecure than eligible children not receiving food stamps.


The Impact of Food Insecurity on the Development of Young Low-Income Black and Latino Children & Protecting the Health and Nutrition of Young Children of Color: The Impact of Nutrition Assistance and Income Support Programs

A pair of reports demonstrating the increased vulnerability of young black and Latino children from low-income households to developmental risk linked to food insecurity and the buffering effect that family support programs can have on young black and Latino children’s health and growth.