It’s Hunger Season Again! Fa La La La La! or BAH HUMBUG?

November marks the beginning of what is sometimes cynically referred to as “Hunger Season.” No, it’s not officially the beginning of open-season on hungry people, though these days it can seem like that. And it has nothing to do with the “Hunger Games”. Hunger Season occurs during the holiday months of November and December and […]

What man is there among you?

The self-portrait of a caregiver in one of my programs at the Center for Hunger Free Communities in Philadelphia hangs in my office. It is a portrait of pure humanity and the bareness of poverty. The woman painted herself naked inside of a barrel that is being ripped apart exposing her to the potentially harmful […]

What pediatricians have learned about SNAP

As pediatricians and researchers, my colleagues and I see every day the many ways in which poverty and food insecurity are written on the bodies and brains of our very young patients. In 1998 we watched with concern as the 1996 Welfare Reform Act was debated and passed.  There was no plan to monitor the […]

New Research: For Many Working Families Loss or Reduction of SNAP Benefits Can Cause SeriousHarm

 Children’s HealthWatch summarized our forthcoming analysis about the child health effects of lost or reduced Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The research shows that when families lose SNAP they are more likely to be food insecure and to have a child in poor health and at risk of developmental delays. Children’s HealthWatch urges Congress […]

Pediatric Health Professionals from around the Country Know SNAP is Good Medicine

Children’s HealthWatch has released a statement titled, Pediatric Health Professionals from around the Country Know SNAP is Good Medicine, affirming our support for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) given the strong scientific evidence showing the importance of SNAP for children’s health and development. As the Senate and House work on Farm Bill legislation that will determine the funding and structure of the SNAP program for the next five years, Children’s HealthWatch urges Congress to protect and strengthen SNAP.

NEHRAN Coalition Letter to President Obama

As part of the Northeast Regional Anti-Hunger Network (NEHRAN), Children’s HealthWatch submitted a letter to President Obama about steps that can be taken by the Executive Office to eliminate Childhood Hunger.

Comments on the 2012 Farm Bill: Protect SNAP; Children cannot eat retroactively

In response to the opportunity to submit feedback on the Farm Bill via the House Committee on Agriculture’s website, Children’s HealthWatch researchers submitted comments to express deep concern about the cuts to SNAP passed in the recent House budget bill, their impact on the Farm Bill and ultimately the implications for the health of children and families […]

Proposed Cuts to “Heat and Eat” SNAP Benefit Coordination

Children’s HealthWatch Principal Investigators wrote a letter to Senate and House Agriculture Committee Leadership.


The SNAP Vaccine: Boosting Children’s Health

New research by Children’s HealthWatch finds that SNAP significantly decreases family and child food insecurity.  The analysis also showed that compared to children who are likely eligible but not receiving SNAP, children receiving SNAP were less likely to be underweight or at risk for developmental delays. The medical evidence shows that SNAP is an effective vaccine […]


Real Cost of a Healthy Diet: 2011

In new research conducted at the Philadelphia site of Children’s HealthWatch, we replicated the 2008 study, Coming Up Short: High Food Costs Outstrip Food Stamp Benefits, examining the affordability and accessibility of healthy food in three types of stores in Philadelphia.  The study showed that families of four who receive the maximum SNAP benefit experience a […]