Childhood hunger in North Philadelphia more than triples

Stephanie Sakho believes that people who work should have fuller refrigerators than she does. The divorced, certified nursing assistant from Southwest Philadelphia puts in 40 hours a week. But even with her salary and a $300 monthly allotment of food stamps, there isn’t always enough to feed her 10-year-old daughter and year-old son. “I think […]

Making SNAP Work For Families Leaving Poverty

The holiday season is officially here and with it brings an increase in work hours for many low-income employees in the service and retail industries.  An increase in hours should mean more income for families but for too many, more work does not necessarily lead to better outcomes. “It is hard to feel like you […]


Stable, Affordable Housing Supports Young Children’s Health in Philadelphia

Children’s HealthWatch published a new policy brief on the positive impact of stable housing on Philadelphia’s children.