Children’s HealthWatch Comments on USPSTF Draft Research Plan: Preventive Services for Food Insecurity

On March 23, 2022, Children’s HealthWatch submitted comments to the USPSTF Coordinator on the Draft Research Plan for “Preventive Services for Food Insecurity.” The commentary addresses 5 proposed key questions, […]

Steadying the Foundation: Maternal Job Stability, Safety Net Programs & Young Children’s Health

The Great Recession caused many American families to lose their jobs or have their work hours reduced. Low-income working mothers were hit particularly hard. This brief examines how maternal job loss and/or […]

Baltimore Mothers’ Stable Employment Promotes Child and Family Health

This Policy Brief presents new Children’s HealthWatch data on how Baltimore mothers’ difficulty in maintaining stable employment is linked to health problems in children’s crucial first years of life. The […]

Healthy Moms: Improving the Quality of Life for Baltimore City Mothers

Baltimore mothers with symptoms of depression or poor health have children at increased risk for developmental problems, poor health, and hospitalizations. Baltimore mothers who experience economic stressors are more likely to have symptoms of […]

Stable Housing and Utilities: Keeping Baltimore’s Babies Healthy

This policy report illustrates the connection between unaffordable housing and utilities and health outcomes among young children in Baltimore MD.