National Summit on America’s Children

Income and Family Support Panel of the National Summit for America’s Children, convened by Speaker Pelosi, and Representatives DeLauro, Fatah, and Miller.

Child Nutrition Split Plenary – Hunger as a Health Issue, Hunger as a Learning Issue

Invited speakers at the 2007 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference hosted by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC)

Food Stamps As Medicine: A New Perspective on Children’s HealthWatch

The Food Stamp Program is America’s first line of defense against hunger and the foundation of our national nutrition safety network. Physicians and medical researchers also think it is one of America’s best medicines to prevent and treat childhood food insecurity. The report demonstrates the important protective effect of food stamps on child food insecurity and for citizen children of immigrants. Eligible children receiving food stamps are less likely to be food insecure than eligible children not receiving food stamps.

Pennsylvania Blueprint to End Hunger

Testimony to the Pennsylvania Governor’s Interagency Council on Food and Nutrition Blueprint to End Hunger Summit.

United Way of Palm Beach County

Invited speaker at the United Way of Palm Beach County. Dr. Frank spoke about child hunger and health, as well as providing technical assistance as they begin to consider establishing […]

Hunger Summit

Invited speaker at the Hunger Summit sponsored by Second Harvest Minnesota and Hormal Foods Corporation

Five Year Child Hunger Surveillance in a Multi-Site Sentinel Sample of Young Children

Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting.

Hunger is a Health Issue

Invited speaker at the Northwest Harvest Annual Meeting

Children’s HealthWatch Letter to USDA

Children’s HealthWatch wrote a letter to USDA in response Economic Research Service request for renewal of approval for annual information collection on supplemental food security questions in the Current Population […]

Child Nutrition Program Reauthorization

Testimony to the United States House of Representatives, Committee on Education and Workforce, Subcommittee on Education Reform, Child Nutrition Program Reauthorization Hearing.