Food Insecurity & WIC/SNAP Participation on Obesity Risk among Young Children

Presented  “Food insecurity & WIC/SNAP participation do not increase obesity risk among young children” at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Annual Meeting.


The Hunger Vital Sign: A New Standard of Care for Preventive Health

Drs. Erin Hager and Anna Quigg and the Children’s HealthWatch team developed the Hunger Vital Sign, a 2-question screening tool based on the US Household Food Security Scale to identify young children in households at risk of food insecurity. The Hunger Vital Sign measures families’ concerns about and access to food, much the way health care providers check other key vital signs, […]

Food Insecurity: How to Ask, What to Do!

Hosted an interactive webinar on food insecurity, clinical screening, and interventions.

Health Care on the Ground: Establishing the Link Between Poverty and Health Care

Invited speakers at the RESULTS Conference

Healthcare cost “trade-offs” with basic needs: Impact on maternal and child health in five cities

Presentation at the annual conference of the American Public Health Association

Health Care Costs, Child Health and Development, and Household Expense Trade-offs

Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Pediatric Academic Societies


Affordable Health Care Keeps Children and Families Healthy

Children’s HealthWatch published a new policy brief on the consequences for children when caregivers have to make tradeoffs on basic health and household expenses.