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Living Well Into The Future: Food Is Medicine

Originally posted on Living Well Into The Future on WTBR. Host Julie B. Adler discusses the consequences of and solutions to having too little food or too much food that […]

Pilot would measure impact of healthy foods on patients

Originally published on The Herald News. BOSTON — Healthy eating can help limit the impact of chronic diseases and drive down total health care costs, experts said Tuesday as they […]

Dr. Deborah Frank featured on Add Passion and Stir Podcast

Children’s HealthWatch founder and Principal Investigator, Dr. Deborah Frank, explained the developmental, medical and behavioral dangers of malnutrition and our work at the Boston Medical Center Grow Clinic on the […]

Food is Medicine: For best results, follow dosing instructions

Food is medicine. You have likely heard that phrase before. It reminds us that what we nourish ourselves with is as important as most medicines we might take. But what […]

WIC and SNAP Feed Our Future

When I first met Children HealthWatch’s founder Dr. Frank, I asked her what horrible disease was causing “failure to thrive” in the children she saw in her clinic—some crazy intestinal […]

Pushing health care’s boundaries: Food is medicine

The three year old I was examining was grumpy and uncooperative. His mom assured me she had no concerns about his development, but I wasn’t so sure – he appeared […]