Associations of household unmet basic needs and health outcomes among very low birth weight children

Abstract Objective: We examined associations of past year household hardships (housing, energy, food, and healthcare hardships) with postnatal growth, developmental risk, health status, and hospitalization among children 0-36 months born […]


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Critical windows of susceptibility for the effects of prenatal exposure to heat and heat variability on gestational growth

Abstract Background: Studies have shown that prenatal heat exposure may impact fetal growth, but few studies have examined the critical windows of susceptibility. As extreme heat events and within season […]

Household Hardships, Public Programs, and Their Association with the Health and Development of Very Young Children: Insights from Children’s HealthWatch

Many research and advocacy groups use econometrics and/or biostatistics to explore the health and educational effects of food insecurity. Children’s HealthWatch (formerly known as the Children’s Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program […]

Cumulative Hardship and Wellness of Low-Income, Young Children: Multisite Surveillance Study

This article shows that the level of a novel cumulative index of 3 prevalent hardships (food, housing, and energy insecurity) is a robust predictor of the health and development of […]

A Brief Indicator of Household Energy Security: Associations With Food Security, Child Health, and Child Development in US Infants and Toddlers

This article develops a clinical indicator of household energy security and assesses possible associations with food security, health, and developmental risk in children ≤ 36 months of age. As household […]

Heat or Eat: The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Nutritional and Health Risks Among Children Less Than 3 Years of Age

This article evaluates the association between family’s participation or nonparticipation in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the anthropometric status and health of their young children. In […]

Seasonal Variation in Weight-for-Age in a Pediatric Emergency Room

Abstract: Objective: The authors assess seasonal variations in the prevalence of low weight-for-age among young children visiting the pediatric emergency room of a city hospital. Methods: We analyzed data on 1,1 18 children ages […]