The Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit: Prescriptions for Healthy Families

Together, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) provide a meaningful hand up to millions of families across the United States. Unfortunately, the strength of the EITC and CTC are both at risk of being undermined. Several key provisions of the EITC and CTC are set to expire at the end […]

What about the fathers and how can we help?

Today, most families are no longer the traditional model of “family” – a mother and father with 2.5 kids and a dog with a home-cooked meal on the table every night.  Families take a variety of forms – one parent, a parent and a grandparent, two dads, two moms, as well as the traditional father and […]


Steadying the Foundation: Maternal Job Stability, Safety Net Programs & Young Children’s Health

The Great Recession caused many American families to lose their jobs or have their work hours reduced. Low-income working mothers were hit particularly hard. This brief examines how maternal job loss and/or reduced work hours (job instability) increase risk of poor health for young children and their mothers. It documents how two of the largest federal safety net […]

Listening to stories, documenting the need for change: Interviewing mothers in the Emergency Department

As Research Assistants for Children’s HealthWatch, our job is to conduct interviews in the Pediatric Emergency Department (ED) at Boston Medical Center with parents, predominantly mothers, of very young children. The interview is voluntary and most parents choose to participate. You might think that mothers would be hesitant to tell us about their living situation, […]


Baltimore Mothers’ Stable Employment Promotes Child and Family Health

This Policy Brief presents new Children’s HealthWatch data on how Baltimore mothers’ difficulty in maintaining stable employment is linked to health problems in children’s crucial first years of life. The Great Recession resulted in job loss and reduced work hours for many Americans; many jobs are yet to be replaced. In 2012, Marylanders experienced a […]

Children’s HealthWatch Webinar — Baltimore Children Depend on Maternal Employment: Stable Jobs are a Public Health Issue

Hosted a webinar, which featured the release of a new Children’s HealthWatch Policy Action Brief: “Baltimore Mothers’ Stable Employment Promotes Child and Family Health.”

WBUR Radio

Interviewed on the Radio Boston’s “The Economy and the Working Poor” show