Cliff Effects and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The American Dream tells us that if we just work hard enough, no matter our origins, we can succeed. However, many low-income families in the United States would beg to differ. Their efforts to become self-sufficient through employment can trigger a reduction in or termination of their benefits, resulting in a net loss of income […]

Unintended Consequences: Family health and well-being and the SNAP cliff effect

Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba presented at “Understanding and Generating Solutions to the Cliff Effect” event on March 31st in Boston, which was co-sponsored by Children’s HealthWatch and the University of Massachusetts Boston, Center for Social Policy.   Click here to view the presentation slides.


Making SNAP Work for Families Leaving Poverty

Marking the third installment in the five-city Children’s HealthWatch Policy Action Brief Series, Hunger: A New Vital Sign, Children’s HealthWatch published a new Policy Action Brief – “Making SNAP Work for Families Leaving Poverty.” The Philadelphia brief sheds light on how families in Philadelphia experiencing the SNAP cliff effect (when even a modest increase in earnings results in a […]

Making SNAP Work For Families Leaving Poverty

The holiday season is officially here and with it brings an increase in work hours for many low-income employees in the service and retail industries.  An increase in hours should mean more income for families but for too many, more work does not necessarily lead to better outcomes. “It is hard to feel like you […]


Punishing Hard Work: The Unintended Consequences of Cutting SNAP Benefits

New Children’s HealthWatch research shows that increases in income that trigger loss of nutrition assistance benefits can leave young children in poor health and without enough food to eat. These data suggest that young children from families that have been cut off from SNAP or had their SNAP benefits reduced when their income exceeds eligibility limits […]

Punishing Hard Work: The Unintended Consequences of Cutting SNAP

Working in the nexus between policy, advocacy, and research, we hear story after story of how frustrating and arduous the climb out of poverty can be for parents of young children. We also see those stories reflected in data.  When we began working at our respective positions at the Center for Hunger Free Communities of […]


Earning More, Receiving Less: Loss of Benefits and Child Hunger

Children’s HealthWatch published a new policy brief on how employment can lead to a harmful loss of benefit for needy families.