Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Prevalence of VLFS in Children among Children of Foreign-Born Mothers

Abstract: This research examined VLFS in children among households with foreign-born (FB) mothers compared to US-born mothers through three research questions: Is mother’s foreign-born status (FBS) associated with VLFS in […]


Testimony in support of An Act establishing basic needs assistance for Massachusetts immigrant residents and An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty

Chair Kennedy, Chair Livingstone and distinguished members of the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities: Thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony on behalf of Children’s […]


New Study Links Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric to Decline in Preventive Healthcare for Children of Immigrant Mothers

Originally published on Express Healthcare Management. A recent study conducted by researchers at Boston University School of Public Health suggests that former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric may have contributed to […]


Study blames Trump for decline in immigrant well-child healthcare visits

Originally published on UPI. Sept. 18 (UPI) — A new study is blaming former President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric for a decline in preventative healthcare visits among children born to migrant […]


Trump’s Anti-immigrant Rhetoric, Policies, Contributed to Decline in Preventive Healthcare Visits among Children of Immigrants

Originally published on BU School of Public Health. Immigration was a defining issue of Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, and his well-documented embrace of xenophobic and racist rhetoric and policies during […]


Reduced health care utilization among young children of immigrants after Donald Trump’s election and proposed public charge rule

Abstract: Widespread fear among immigrants from hostile 2016 presidential campaign rhetoric decreased social and health care service enrollment (chilling effect). Health care utilization effects among immigrant families with young children […]


Children’s HealthWatch Statement on Threat to 2022 Public Charge Rule

Two years ago, Children’s HealthWatch and our partners celebrated the rescission of the 2019 public charge rule – a harmful and racist wealth test policy that penalized participation of immigrant […]

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Haitian Migrants Face Unique Challenges Finding U.S. Housing

Originally posted on HealthCity. Haitian people continue to be displaced by natural and geopolitical forces, creating a perfect storm of people turning to U.S. ERs seeking shelter. PEDRO PARDO, Getty […]


Immigrant-Inclusive Policies Promote Child and Family Health

In this issue of AJPH, findings by Miller et al. (p. 1738) suggest that anti-immigrant rhetoric and proposed changes to public charge during the early years of the Trump administration significantly […]


Statement on the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals Decision on DACA

Children’s HealthWatch is deeply disappointed with the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), as originally established, is unlawful. The decision […]