With $3M investment, Boston hospitals treat housing instability as a health issue

Originally published on Boston Business Journal. Three Boston hospitals are working to address housing instability, investing a combined $3 million to keep people from being evicted and plan future affordable housing projects. Boston Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital announced the Innovative Stable Housing Initiative, a three-year program intended to fund creative solutions to housing […]


SANDEL: Stable, decent, affordable homes is a Rx for healthy families

Originally published on The Patriot Ledger. Where you live as a child may be the strongest predictor of your health and has lifelong consequences. In fact, stable, decent, affordable housing is a prescription for good health, but it is out of reach for many South Shore families. Currently, the construction of single family and multi-family […]

A Marketplace for Health and Housing to Exchange Money—Has the Time Come?

David Erickson of the San Francisco Federal Reserve has set out a vision that the housing world should pay attention to: a marketplace that values health. Our current “investments” in health are not working. Despite spending more per person on health services than other nations, the U.S. continues to have worse health outcomes. This seemingly paradoxical […]

To support early childhood development, invest in housing

A growing body of research is demonstrating what we already intuitively know: that our children will have a much brighter future if they begin the journey of life in a decent, affordable home. Investments to improve housing quality and affordability for families with children can help set the stage for success later in life. Alternatively, […]

Patients Prescribed Shelter and Medication Are Wary of Trump Cuts

For eight months, Jamal Brown’s body shook, so violently that he lost consciousness and ended up in the hospital more than 30 times. Though only in his 30s, his face drooped, his arms and legs often felt numb, and he was overcome with the anxiety of being a homeless drug addict trying to get clean […]

Here’s the prescription that Ben Carson needs to write for HUD

As a physician, Dr. Ben Carson knew the right prescriptions to give to his neurosurgery patients. But as the newly confirmed secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, will he be able to provide the right prescription for HUD? The wrong one is cutting HUD’s budget by a staggering $6 billion (down 13.2 […]

The Affordable Housing Ripple Effect: Improving Availability of Subsidized Housing Increases Housing Stability

Intersection of Health and Housing Webinar

On October 4th, 2016, Children’s HealthWatch and Crescendo Consulting co-presented a webinar on the “Intersection of Health and Housing.”. Healthcare providers, researchers, policy advocates and community organizers are finding themselves at the intersections of housing and health. As new research and innovative approaches that seek to better understand and address the convergent housing and health needs of […]


Podcast: Housing as a Health Care Investment

It’s been widely assumed that there’s a strong connection between affordable, stable housing and the health of children. Now, we have proof. On this episode of the Affordable Housing podcast brought to you by Eden Housing, we’ll learn about the latest research from Children’s HealthWatch and the National Housing Conference that shows that public investment […]

Housing as a Health Care Investment for Children

On April 25th, 2016, Children’s HealthWatch Principal Investigator, Dr. Megan Sandel discussed findings from recent research conducted by Children’s HealthWatch which shows that access to affordable housing is associated with lower risk of hospitalization among infants from vulnerable, low-income families. Click here to watch the webinar.