The Hidden Health Costs of Eviction

Originally published on PBS News Hour. Millions of Americans are forced from their homes every year. Evictions are usually considered in economic terms — an outcome of housing supply and income levels — but what about their physical and emotional impact? Research increasingly shows housing insecurity takes an enormous toll on people’s health. William Brangham […]


Plenary speaker: Rx for homelessness requires solutions grounded in equity

To help homeless families, pediatricians should not focus on equality to make a difference in children’s health outcomes. Rather, they should zero in on equity, according to Megan Sandel, M.D., M.P.H., who spoke at Sunday’s plenary on how affordable housing improves children’s health and future outcomes. Quality, stability, affordability and location are the four walls […]


Podcast: “Good Housing is Good Health” with Dr. Megan Sandel

Episode 1 – Dr. Megan Sandel This episode dives into the deep connections between housing and health with a nationally recognized expert in the field. Sometimes, the prescription that patients really need for their ailments is a safe, decent, affordable home. Dr. Sandel explains her career journey as a pediatrician and how she became an […]


Home Is Where The Health Is

Megan Sandel MED ’96 fights for children: For the child struggling to breathe because his family’s apartment is laden with mold. For the child being poisoned by the lead that lurks in her home’s water supply. For the child who has no home at all. As a nationally recognized expert on housing and its connection […]


Podcast: Housing and Child Health with Megan Sandel, MD

In this episode we were privileged to sit down with Megan Sandel, MD, at the 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics NCE in New Orleans to discuss the impact of housing on child health. Dr. Sandel is an associate professor of pediatrics at the Boston University School of Medicine as well as an associate professor of environmental […]

Cross-sector partnerships can improve health where it begins—in the home

Originally published on Modern Healthcare. As the body of research on housing as a social determinant of health grows, healthcare and housing leaders in the U.S. are increasingly looking for ways to work together to improve lives. We see over and over that housing is an essential foundation for individual and community health. Cross-sector collaborations between health systems […]


Health Starts at Home

As the Care Coordinator for Housing Prescriptions as Health Care, I see firsthand the resilience of families and the importance of housing stability on a daily basis. A partnership between Children’s HealthWatch, Project Hope, MLPB (formerly Medical-Legal Partnership Boston), the Boston Housing Authority, and Nuestra Comunidad, Housing Prescriptions offers support and resources with housing matters, […]


Podcast: Healthy Solutions for Affordable Housing

Recently, Enterprise released a nationwide survey that illustrated how housing costs are undermining the health needs of American renters, many of whom are sacrificing medical care in order to pay rent. Faced with a shortage of affordable, quality, stable housing, low-income renters often lack access to sufficient health care and outdoor spaces, further contributing to […]

‘A vicious cycle’: High rent is keeping Americans from health care

Originally published on Yahoo! Finance. Two of the biggest issues in the country are affordable housing and high health care costs. And they may be more connected than ever before. According to a report from Enterprise Community Partners, more than half (54%) of the 1,000 renters surveyed indicated that they have delayed their medical care in order to pay their rent. […]

Three Cheers for Hospitals’ Housing Push

Originally published on Banker & Tradesman. A new, multimillion-dollar initiative from three major city hospitals that sees affordable housing and eviction as public health issues has the potential to radically change Massachusetts’ housing conversation for the better. The commercial housing industry should get involved to make sure it has a seat at the table.  Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital plan to invest nearly $3 million […]