Opportunities To Change The Outcomes Of Traumatized Children

The Childhood Adversity Narratives (CAN) has developed a new narrative “Opportunities To Change The Outcomes Of Traumatized Children” to help inform policy makers and the public about the costs and consequences of child maltreatment and adversity.

The goal of this narrative is to show that there are proven interventions and opportunities to change these personally tragic and socially costly outcomes. The authors urge other to feel free to use all or part of this Narrative (with appropriate attribution) if helpful to advocate for children and families.

CAN Contributors:

Frank Putnam, MD, UNC at Chapel Hill, NC

William Harris, PhD, Children’s Research and Education Institute & New School for Social Research, NYC, NY

Alicia Lieberman, PhD, UCSF, San Francisco, CA

Karen Putnam, PhD, UNC at Chapel Hill, NC

Lisa Amaya-Jackson, MD, Duke University, Durham, NC