Help Us Make a Difference for Young Children

These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare long-term inequities in our society. The associated economic recession will certainly make these inequities worse. Lessons from prior downturns, including from our own research, tell us that immigrant families and communities of color will be particularly hard hit. Leaders at all levels – local, state, national – urgently need data to address this systemic racism, change that trajectory, and demonstrate where we’re making progress, as well as where we may be collectively falling short.

Who has the data to make the case? We do. Children’s HealthWatch can help to move the needle and ensure that our collective “new normal” is inclusive and equitable by continuing to track family hardships, changes in the economy and public policy and their connection to child health and family economic stability, particularly for families of color and immigrant families. For the past 22 years, Children’s HealthWatch, a network of pediatricians and public health researchers in five US cities has worked at the nexus of the research and policy worlds to improve the health and development of young children from families with low incomes by informing evidence-based policy.

But it costs money to do this. If you think there is value in what we are doing, please help us with your financial support.

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Children’s HealthWatch relies on grants and private donations to fund research, dissemination, and advocacy. Donations from individuals, groups, and foundations determine the size of the impact we make on:

  • The health of the children we serve
  • The policies that affect them

We appreciate your support and thank you in advance for the impact your contribution will make on the lives of America’s children.

– The Children’s HealthWatch Team