“We are one organization among very many whose advocacy has benefited greatly from the work of Children’s HealthWatch. The credibility of Children’s HealthWatch research has been an enormous help to our campaigns to simplify the process of applying for food stamps, to increase the welfare grant, to include immigrant families in basic safety net programs, to increase the availability of housing subsidies and to reduce the incidence of sanctions in public assistance programs.”

Allan G. Rogers, Executive Director, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.

“[Children’s HealthWatch] is the only group…focusing exclusively on hunger and food insecurity among families with infants and very young children, and your objective indicators provide data on much more timely basis than most other sources”

– James D. Weill, President, Food Research and Action Center

“The ability of your medically focused project to collect, analyze, and disseminate data to advocates and policy makers in a timely manner is unique in the field of scientific research… [We] rely on such timely data to support our legislative agenda.”

– Rev. Douglas A. Greenaway, Executive Director, National WIC Association

“Much of the discussion following [federal policy changes in welfare] has focused on declines in the number of people receiving cash assistance and food stamps, without much attention to the circumstances of those who leave these programs…and the impact that leaving welfare programs has on these individuals, especially the impact on children.”

– Kathryn Porter, Senior Research Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

“As a specialist in child development I am especially concerned about the profound impact of malnutrition during the critical period of brain growth, from birth to three years of age; Children’s HealthWatch is an important program that will monitor children’s growth and health status and provide vital information to policy makers regarding how children are fairing through state welfare reforms.”

– Dr. Barry Zuckerman, Chair of Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center