Obama’s Pledge to End Childhood Hunger by 2015 is Struggling

Dr. Mariana Chilton, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator, was quoted in an article about child hunger in America.

Hunger Expert Says Government Must Lead the Fight

Fighting hunger without the weapon of big federal dollars is like fighting drought without water. That’s nationally known hunger expert Joel Berg talking, championing change in how America helps the poor. “The belief that charity does it better than government only ensures hunger will persist,” Berg says. “When people get food from a pantry, that’s not a success. It’s a failure of American policy.”

Arkansas Doesn’t Protect Renters

Dr. Patrick Casey, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator was quoted about the importance of safe, sanitary, affordable housing to children’s health.

This Week in Poverty: An Antipoverty Contract for 2013?

Research by Dr. John Cook, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator, was profiled in This Week in Poverty, a blog by Greg Kaufmann published by The Nation.

Travis Smiley Presents Poverty in America

Dr. Mariana Chilton, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator, was part of a distinguished C-SPAN panel moderated by Tavis Smiley that discussed proven solutions on how government officials can combat American poverty.

Kansas Gov. Brownback to Review State’s Food Stamp Policy

In an article by Laura Bauer of the Kansas City Star, Dr. John Cook was interviewed about a recent food stamp policy change in the state of Kansas. Dr. John Cook spoke about the effects of the change which will eliminate or reduce food stamp benefits for hundreds of low-income US children whose parents are […]

OR Food Security Summit: Tackling Hunger Together

Chris Thomas – Public News Service January 19, 2012 Dr. Deborah Frank, Principal Investigator, was a keynote speaker at the Oregon Food Security Summit. Dr. Frank spoke about the effects of food insecurity on children’s health and wellbeing.  Her remarks were summarized in an article by Chris Thomas for the Public News Service. Read more here.

This Week in Poverty: TANF is broken

Greg Kaufmann – The Nation. January 06, 2012 In the weekly blog, This Week In Poverty, the author listed recent Children’s HealthWatch research about the effect of housing insecurity on children’s health as one of the five things learned about poverty in 2011. Children’s HealthWatch policy brief is quoted: “Investments in affordable and subsidized housing would not only reduce housing […]

Safe, Stable Homes Lead to Healthier Children and Families for Baltimore

Children’s HealthWatch analyzed nearly 5,000 surveys from Baltimore families with children under age four collected between 2002-2011. In this sample, just 49% of families were stably housed.

Feeding Our Children – One Report Says 16.2 Million Children Live In “Food Insecure” Households

Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba, Research and Policy Director, was interviewed about the child health and development implications of hunger and food security on public radio.