Drexel research links racism and hunger

Originally posted on WHYY. New research out of Drexel University finds that racism can be a catalyst for food insecurity. Released Monday by the school’s Center for Hunger-Free Communities, the report shows that people who experienced discrimination firsthand struggled with hunger twice as often as others. When – or where – that discrimination occurred didn’t matter. However, […]


From Children’s HealthWatch: From Disparities to Discrimination

Racism and discrimination are root causes of poverty and inequity in the U.S. New research from Children’s HealthWatch, From Disparities to Discrimination: Getting to the Roots of Food Insecurity in America, adds to a growing body of research on the impact of racism by examining the link between experiences of discrimination and food insecurity. Children’s […]

Commentary: What if you had to feel hunger pangs?

Originally published by the Chicago Tribune. On a frigid morning earlier this month on the South Side, people of every race and age lined up out the front door of the Greater Lawn Public Health Center for two hours to receive bags of sweet potatoes, celery, squash and more. Many were Latina mothers with young […]

Families with immigrant members report doing without food stamps in Philadelphia

Originally published on WHYY. Ever since the Trump administration took a tougher stand on immigration policies, service providers report immigrants are avoiding school visits, doctor offices and government programs. New survey data from Children’s Health Watch adds numbers and heft to those anecdotes, in the case of one point of contact — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, formerly known […]


Food banks see impact of Trump’s immigration policies

Originally published on ABC News. Families of immigrants have been reluctant to go to food banks and sign up for food stamps this year, anti-hunger advocates said, because many are afraid the federal government will use those requests for assistance against them in immigration proceedings. The result is that many families, including children and pregnant women, could […]


Fewer Immigrant Families Are Signing Up For Federal Food Assistance

Originally published on NPR. After 10 years of consistent gains, the number of immigrant families enrolled in SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, fell by 10 percent in 2018. New, preliminary research presented this month at the American Public Health Association conference shows that the drop was highest for families who have been in the U.S. […]

Trump’s proposed regulations limiting benefits for immigrants could hurt many US-born children

Originally published on EdSource. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant parents in California may disenroll their children from health insurance, food stamps and other federally subsidized programs because they fear that receiving these benefits will make it impossible for them to become permanent residents in the United States. Their fears have been triggered by new regulations proposed by […]

Anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US has forced some families to choose between safety and food

Originally published on Quartz. New data reported by the nonprofit Children’s HealthWatch show that across the last decade, immigrants participating in the US federal food stamps program—called SNAP—increased until shortly after president Donald Trump took office. According to the data, in 2018 there was a nearly 10% tumble in participation. The study, which was presented at the American […]

Immigrant food stamp use plummeted after Trump took office, new research shows

Originally published by The New Food Economy. It’s no secret that the Trump administration has long wanted to minimize the number of people who use food stamps. It has supported legislation that would impose strict work requirements on people participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Internal emails from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in April […]

Scaring immigrants away from the table this Thanksgiving

Originally published on Star Tribune. “Mami! Mami!” the little girl calls out when her mother returns home with bags of fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and yogurt. “You filled up the refrigerator! You filled up the cupboards!” The little one is an American citizen, enrolled in the federal food stamp program. Her mother, who entered […]