High energy costs take a big toll on state’s poor

Families in Maryland who live in or near poverty will trade food for electricity, prescription drugs for warmth; featuring C-SNAP

WIC is a wise investment in nation’s future

Dr. Maureen Black, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator in Baltimore, co-authored an op-ed with Dr. David Paige in the Baltimore Sun advocating for full funding of the WIC program.

A reason to pass the farm bill

Wednesday’s Boston Globe editorial page featured evidence from the Real Cost of a Healthy Diet (RCOHD) project, a C-SNAP-affiliated research effort analyzing food availability, pricing, and assistance in low-income urban neighborhoods. The article, advocating passage of a new farm bill with an improved nutrition assistance package, cited RCOHD data showing that even families receiving the maximum monthly food stamp benefit fall substantially short of being able to afford the balanced diet on which benefit levels are calculated.

Senator Hillary Clinton Urgest Adding $1 Billion in Emergency Funding for LIHEAP

Clinton Urges Action to Assist Low-Income Households in Coming Winter Months as Energy Prices Reach Record Highs, featuring C-SNAP

The High Cost of Winter

Radio Boston hosted C-SNAP Principal Investigators, Dr. Deborah Frank and Dr. John Cook, in a discussion of rising home energy costs and the health consequences for young children.

Officials’ support of food stamps welcome

Pediatric research shows that food stamps help to buffer children from food insecurity’s harmful effects. Children whose families receive food stamps are 26 percent less likely to be food insecure than eligible children whose families aren’t receiving them. Food stamps buffer families from harmful trade-offs between basic needs.

Can’t afford to keep warm? Energy assistance program can help

People who can’t pay their heating bills can apply to the Snohomish County Energy
Assistance office for financial aid, featuring Dr. Deborah A. Frank

EMPTY PLATE: For every two people who are full today, one local person goes hungry

Dr. John T. Cook, Children’s HealthWatch Co-Principal Investigator, was quoted in an article about food insecurity and published in the Monitor.

Feeding the hungry

Children’s HealthWatch’s research on the impact of unaffordable household utilities was featured in the Worchester Telegram & Gazette.

Bush’s “Poor Kids First” Kept Sick and Freezing

An editorial by Dr. Deborah Frank, Children’s HealthWatch Principal Investigator and Founder, was quoted in an article published by the Huffington Post.