Nine National Foundations Join to Address Nationwide Housing Instability

Understanding that stable homes provide an important platform for individual success and thriving communities, nine of the nation’s largest private foundations have joined forces to create the Funders for Housing […]

An Overview of Food Insecurity Coding in Health Care Settings: Existing and Emerging Opportunities

Despite the increase in interest and attention to food insecurity in health care settings, available health care terminology and codes to document food insecurity and related activities are both underutilized […]


Housing Instability: A New Screen for Adverse Health Issues for Caregivers and Children

Screening for adverse childhood experiences that can influence future trajectories of child health has become a priority for child healthcare professionals. Most of us are familiar with the two-question food […]


Podcast: Housing as a Health Care Investment

It’s been widely assumed that there’s a strong connection between affordable, stable housing and the health of children. Now, we have proof. On this episode of the Affordable Housing podcast […]


Podcast: Medical-Legal Partnerships and the Promise and Challenge of Physician Advocacy: An Interview with Dr. Megan Sandel

This month, AMA Journal of Ethics theme editor Arina Evgenievna Chesnokova, MPH, a third-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine, interviewed Megan Sandel, MD, MPH about how physicians can […]