Punishing Hard Work: The Unintended Consequences of Cutting SNAP

Working in the nexus between policy, advocacy, and research, we hear story after story of how frustrating and arduous the climb out of poverty can be for parents of young children. We also see those stories reflected in data.  When we began working at our respective positions at the Center for Hunger Free Communities of […]

It’s Hunger Season Again! Fa La La La La! or BAH HUMBUG?

November marks the beginning of what is sometimes cynically referred to as “Hunger Season.” No, it’s not officially the beginning of open-season on hungry people, though these days it can seem like that. And it has nothing to do with the “Hunger Games”. Hunger Season occurs during the holiday months of November and December and […]

What man is there among you?

The self-portrait of a caregiver in one of my programs at the Center for Hunger Free Communities in Philadelphia hangs in my office. It is a portrait of pure humanity and the bareness of poverty. The woman painted herself naked inside of a barrel that is being ripped apart exposing her to the potentially harmful […]

What pediatricians have learned about SNAP

As pediatricians and researchers, my colleagues and I see every day the many ways in which poverty and food insecurity are written on the bodies and brains of our very young patients. In 1998 we watched with concern as the 1996 Welfare Reform Act was debated and passed.  There was no plan to monitor the […]

New Discussion 1

Children’s HealthWatch Research and Policy Priorities are comprised of the topics on which we will be focusing for the next two to three years.  While we continually collect data on all of our core topics, especially food, housing, and energy insecurity, in anticipation of issues that will form the national public policy debate we focus […]