Food is Medicine: Why Community Eligibility is a Prescription for Hunger-Free Schools

As pediatricians we often say one of the best prescriptions we can write is for food. We know food is medicine. Ensuring that children of all ages have enough healthy […]

Listening to stories, documenting the need for change: Interviewing mothers in the Emergency Department

As Research Assistants for Children’s HealthWatch, our job is to conduct interviews in the Pediatric Emergency Department (ED) at Boston Medical Center with parents, predominantly mothers, of very young children. […]

Mothers’ hopes and dreams – keeping our children safe, fed and housed

As a mother of two beautiful young girls, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing the smiles on their faces. They keep me going even when things in life are […]

Modern Day Canaries in the Coal Mine: Rising Food Insecurity among Boston Families

Despite the nation’s continued anemic recovery from the Great Recession, Boston, Massachusetts has a strong reputation as a thriving urban hub for innovation in education, healthcare, scientific research and global […]

Healthy Little Mouths – why we care about oral health for the youngest patients

I often meet families in our clinic at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis when their child is seen for a pre-operative exam prior to dental care under anesthesia. In […]

The Housing Vaccine for Homeless Families: It’s time to do what works

As a pediatrician and researcher on how housing affects child health, I see the unintended consequences of public policy playing out on the bodies on my patients every day. I […]

SNAP cuts hurt: Moving from hunger to opportunity

President Obama asserted last week in his State of the Union address that what united us as a nation is “the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all – the […]

Baltimore Mothers’ Stable Employment Promotes Child and Family Health

The state of the US economy is a major source of concern among families with young children. Unemployment, rising costs, and cuts to safety net programs, such as the Supplemental […]

Punishing Hard Work: The Unintended Consequences of Cutting SNAP

Working in the nexus between policy, advocacy, and research, we hear story after story of how frustrating and arduous the climb out of poverty can be for parents of young […]

It’s Hunger Season Again! Fa La La La La! or BAH HUMBUG?

November marks the beginning of what is sometimes cynically referred to as “Hunger Season.” No, it’s not officially the beginning of open-season on hungry people, though these days it can […]