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Hidden Food Stress in the United States

A family sits around a table enjoying dinner. There is enough food tonight so that everyone in the household will go to bed well-fed, but the mother lies awake wondering how she will afford next week’s groceries. This experience of stress is hidden to those around her. She knows that her children need nutritious foods […]

Supporting Population Health Through a Food Pantry

Deborah Frank, M.D., director of the Grow Clinic for seriously underweight children at Boston Medical Center, was approached by one of the clinic’s nutritionists about starting a food pantry back in the 1990s. “She said she was sick and tired of having mothers burst into tears when she told them what their children needed to be […]


Podcast: Housing as a Health Care Investment

It’s been widely assumed that there’s a strong connection between affordable, stable housing and the health of children. Now, we have proof. On this episode of the Affordable Housing podcast brought to you by Eden Housing, we’ll learn about the latest research from Children’s HealthWatch and the National Housing Conference that shows that public investment […]