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Food insecurity rises as families lose child tax credit payments, data shows

Originally posted on NBC News. Children’s HealthWatch also found disparities in who received the money, which came to about $300 a month per child. Food insufficiency among U.S. families with children increased by 12 percent in February after child tax credit payments under a federal Covid-19 relief plan expired, according to new data from Children’s […]

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The Child Tax Credit Benefits Whole Families: Preliminary data show improved food security and parental health

Summary of Findings New preliminary data from Children’s HealthWatch highlight linkages between Child Tax Credit (CTC) receipt and food security as well as excellent or good parental health status among families with young children. Despite these positive signs, there were notable disparities in which families received the CTC – likely as result of structural racism […]

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Podcast: The Earth Disease: Social Determinants of Health and Climate Change

Originally posted on Health Affairs. In the third episode of The Earth Disease, journalist Jared Downing discusses how social determinants of health programs intersect with climate and health policy. Jared produced this series in 2021 as part of the Health Affairs Podcast Fellowship Program. Guests in this episode include Aaron Bernstein from the Harvard T.H. Chan […]

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Too Many Children Are Still Dying Young Around the World

Originally posted on Scientific Inquirer. Strong health and social systems must come together to support all children Preconception, pregnancy, and infant interventions that address child survival and nutrition have a strong influence on weight, height, and development, and serve as key indicators of future health, nutrition, education level, and intelligence quotients – if they are […]

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Food insufficiency in families with children increased after expiration of Child Tax Credit monthly payments

Summary Advance Child Tax Credit payments that distributed monthly cash payments for children were associated with a 26% reduction in food insufficiency in households with children. After the advance CTC expired in February, there was a 12% increase in food insufficiency in households with children. Conclusions The pandemic and inflation continue to cause economic hardship, […]


For 25 Years, Food Security Has Included a Nutrition Domain: Is a New Measure of Nutrition Security Needed?

Originally Posted in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAND) THE US HOUSEHOLD FOOD SECURITY SURVEY MODULE AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH NUTRITION Access to adequate, nutritious food, particularly in early childhood, is essential for keeping current and future generations healthy across the life span. When families lack enough resources to afford competing […]