Household food insecurity is associated with increased hospitalizations and health care expenditures among infants

In recent years, household food insecurity (HFI) has been shown to predict increased health care utilization (including hospitalizations) and costs among Canadian working-age adults.[i] Additionally, a 2018 study has shown food insecure US adults had significantly greater estimated mean annualized health care expenditures ($6,072 vs. $4,208), an extra $1,863 in health care expenditure per year, […]

Household food insecurity positively associated with increased hospital charges for infants

Originally posted by the Journal of Applied Research on Children, a publication of the Children at Risk Institute.  ABSTRACT Objective: To test whether household food insecurity (HFI) was associated with total annual hospitalization charges, annual days hospitalized, and charges per day, among low-income infants (months) with any non-neonatal hospital stays. Methods: Administrative inpatient hospital charge […]

Dr. Maureen Black’s testimony before the Appropriations Committee in Maryland

On February 5th, 2019, Dr. Maureen Black testified before the Appropriations Committee in Maryland on the Summer SNAP for Children Act (HB0338 and SB0128). To watch Dr. Black’s testimony, click this link and start the video at 01:42:45. If you are a resident of Maryland and wish to express your support of the Summer SNAP […]


Free tax preparation helps low-income workers get their full refunds

Originally published on Telegram.Com FITCHBURG – With all the benefits the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) brings to families, if EITC were a drug, it would be available in every pharmacy across the state, says Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba, executive director of Children’s Healthwatch. Ms. Ettinger de Cuba was speaking Friday in the Montachusett Opportunity […]


Children’s HealthWatch warns of risks to families under the current government shutdown

On January 17, 2019, Children’s HealthWatch released a statement warning of the risks families face under the current government shutdown.


It’s time to make a federal case out of Dallas’ homeless problem

Originally published by The Dallas Morning News. Stable housing is a prescription for good health, but it’s out of reach for many North Texas families, especially the poorest who are hardest hit. It doesn’t take a doctor to diagnose the housing shortage in North Texas. Pediatricians see everyday families that cannot solve the puzzle of how […]


New Reports Link Hunger, Structural Racism, and Discrimination

Originally published on Nonprofit Quarterly. According to Hunger Free America’s 2018 United States Hunger Atlas, one in eight Americans, representing 12.3 percent of the population, are food insecure, meaning they are unable to afford a consistent supply of food throughout the year. While this is startling enough, when looking at racial and ethnic disparities, the story is […]


Children’s HealthWatch’s Public Comment on Public Charge

On December 6, 2018, Children’s HealthWatch submitted public comment on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s Notice of Public Rule Making (NPRM) for “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds.”


Drexel research links racism and hunger

Originally posted on WHYY. New research out of Drexel University finds that racism can be a catalyst for food insecurity. Released Monday by the school’s Center for Hunger-Free Communities, the report shows that people who experienced discrimination firsthand struggled with hunger twice as often as others. When – or where – that discrimination occurred didn’t matter. However, […]