Megan T. Sandel, M.D. is honored by the Massachusetts Medical Society with its Reducing Health Disparities Award

WALTHAM – Dr. Megan T. Sandel from Boston Medical Center has been honored by the Massachusetts Medical Society as the recipient of its annual Reducing Health Disparities Award, an honor recognizing an individual who has made outstanding contributions to reducing health disparities due to race, socioeconomic status, age, education, or sexual orientation. Sandel has spent […]


Hunger-fighting initiatives collide with GOP push to cut SNAP

In Virginia, one pediatrician tweaked electronic health record billing codes so Medicaid and private insurers are paying for patients’ trips to food banks. In California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Vermont, variant comprehensive models of getting payers involved in setting standards for dealing with food insecurity are underway or already up and running. But the mounting push […]

A Marketplace for Health and Housing to Exchange Money—Has the Time Come?

David Erickson of the San Francisco Federal Reserve has set out a vision that the housing world should pay attention to: a marketplace that values health. Our current “investments” in health are not working. Despite spending more per person on health services than other nations, the U.S. continues to have worse health outcomes. This seemingly paradoxical […]

Putting a price tag on childhood hunger

It’s hard to put a price tag on hunger, but a new report does just that: $2.4 billion. In 2016, that was the cost in Massachusetts alone for additional healthcare, special education, and lost work time related to food insecurity. This validates what I see regularly as a pediatrician. I’m a street doctor in Austin […]

Diverse Groups Unite for Housing

With the understanding that housing means more than shelter, a wide-ranging group of organizations have joined together on a national multi-sector housing campaign. Opportunity Starts at Home launched this week at the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s (NLIHC’s) Housing Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. With financial support from the Funders for Housing and Opportunity, NLIHC launched this […]

NAACP joins campaign to increase affordable housing across America

“A stable, affordable home is a prescription for good health,” said Dr. Megan Sandel, principal investigator with Children’s HealthWatch. “Children’s HealthWatch is excited to join our colleagues on the  Opportunity Starts at Home campaign to identify solutions that provide access to safe, decent, affordable housing in neighborhoods where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive.” Learn […]

‘What happened’ vs. ‘what’s wrong’: Recognizing how trauma impacts us all | Perspective

There is a toxin in Philadelphia that our children and families are being exposed to near constantly: trauma. Trauma lingers and isn’t just limited to a single incident, like a gunshot. Trauma manifests in hunger, housing instability, or living without utilities. It can include exposure to abuse, neglect, gun violence, police brutality, imprisonment, and domestic […]

In Striking Nationwide Trend, Hospitals Take on Hunger to Improve Overall Health

In 2017, the Watauga Medical Center in North Carolina’s High Country, where food insecurity nears 29 percent, began asking all new patients two questions to screen their food-insecurity levels upon admittance. The first patient to answer yes was a woman who had come in to give birth. She admitted to the hospital staff that she had skipped […]


Nine National Foundations Join to Address Nationwide Housing Instability

Understanding that stable homes provide an important platform for individual success and thriving communities, nine of the nation’s largest private foundations have joined forces to create the Funders for Housing and Opportunity collaborative with the goal of ensuring individuals and families across America who spend more than half of their income on rent  – or […]

EDITORIAL: Hunger is a public health issue and should be treated as such

Not being able to afford a meal is a highly stigmatized issue. People experiencing food insecurity often feel shame and embarrassment. Many areas of the state, even within wealthier cities such as Boston, have pockets of food deserts. This takes a toll on the lives of residents and places a burden on local legislators to […]