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Cap on kids was a failed welfare experiment

Originally published on the Boston Globe.  A generation-long experiment that capped family welfare benefits, by penalizing those who gave birth while on public assistance, is at long last headed for the scrap heap of bad ideas in Massachusetts. The day can’t come soon enough. Repeal of the so-called “cap on kids” has been kicking around […]


Policy Prescriptions for Health: Baltimore’s “Checkup” Shows Hardship-Free Kids are Healthier Kids

Originally published on FRAC’s ResearchWire newsletter. After the holidays, people tend to do two things: make New Year’s resolutions and schedule an appointment for their annual checkup. Checkup appointments not only look at the current status of a patient’s health, but also provide an opportunity for clinicians to advise a patient on how to maintain […]


Household food insecurity is associated with increased hospitalizations and health care expenditures among infants

In recent years, household food insecurity (HFI) has been shown to predict increased health care utilization (including hospitalizations) and costs among Canadian working-age adults.[i] Additionally, a 2018 study has shown food insecure US adults had significantly greater estimated mean annualized health care expenditures ($6,072 vs. $4,208), an extra $1,863 in health care expenditure per year, […]

Household food insecurity positively associated with increased hospital charges for infants

Originally posted by the Journal of Applied Research on Children, a publication of the Children at Risk Institute.  ABSTRACT Objective: To test whether household food insecurity (HFI) was associated with total annual hospitalization charges, annual days hospitalized, and charges per day, among low-income infants (months) with any non-neonatal hospital stays. Methods: Administrative inpatient hospital charge […]